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SM2 Coins worth



Monero cloud mining operation:

UP TO 360% ROI

Vast ROI potential, for all investors.


Farm lifetime profits, monero will be mined as longs as it is profitable to upkeep the farm.

Customer safety ! is a customer safety oriented company. We are set out to provide the best cloud mining ICO in the world.

Exchangeable crypto token

SM2 Tokens are exchangeable and will be free to trade , as anyone can use the SM2 token to get Lifetime profits !

Our investors will have the opportunity to make a lifetime monthly income, with our Monero mining farm.
All farms will be placed in a low el. cost zone in Europe. Investors will recieve video feedback each day after the ICO completion , on the status of the farms.
We offer a refund if softcap is not met, but this will definitely not be the case.
We have limited amount of tokens for each ICO sale. Monero farms will issue only 1,000,000 tokens , but will have the highest profit ratio of all farms we make in the future.

Witouth any hasle on your part, with a medium sized investment. You can enjoy a healthy profit from Monero mining, not to mention the high yield profit that is expected from MONERO in 2019. Here are the most important benefits of mining with us:

  • We are a customer safety oriented company
  • Live support ready to help you every day
  • Best ROI of any Legitimate¬† ICO in 2018
  • Farm lifetime income to your monero wallet
What makes us stand out from others.

Reoccuring ICO sales.

Rather then having one major over-ambitious ICO sale.

We are adding cryptocurrencies to our mine, one by one.

MONERO has been chosen as a high yield , and even higher potential crypto , for the first ICO sale.

This way we want to prove ourself as a legitable company , to the investors community. Prove are farms are 100% real, and run by strict professionals.

Our Goal

To create a cloud mining service for a wide range of crypto currency.

Our ultimate goal is to create a cloud mining service for a wide range of cryptos.

With each ICO we will be adding another crypto to our portofilio.

The first currency mined will be MONERO. Chosen for its high yield potential in the long run. This is by far the most profitable ICO , becouse we are giving so much bonuses as a advertisement for future mining ICO’s.

Simple hassle free payments to your MONERO adress.

Beggining Q1 of 2019, hashing monero power will be up for contracting to anyone with SM2 tokens. If you bought your SM2 right here or on an exchange.

Enter our contract shop , and sign up for lifetime monthly payouts to your adress. Dont worry, this is changeable just save your Order ID somewhare safe.

In the media.


Safeminign project launch
Main ICO sale
Hashing power distribution
Bonus sale start
Farms completion and project start

SM2 Tokensale details:

Start: September 14th 2018 00:00 GMT
Hard cap: $1M
Soft cap: $100K
Token: SM2
Exchange rate: 1 $ = 1 SM2
Project protocol: ERC20 Compliant

Payment Methods

Payment information.

We accept 20+ coins via Coinpayments , and all creditcards via Paypal on the ICO Sale , from 14.09.2018 to 14.11.2018. It is possible that tokens will be sold after these deadlines.

Funds placement:

Cutting the costs to the bare minimum. The majority of funding is going into the mining equipment. Take a look at our funding allocation plan.

  • 85% Mining equipment
  • 1% Bounty
  • 9% Workers ,transport and security
  • 5% Marketing
  • 1% Legal and fees